Coming soon…

My first eBook. OK, go easy on me people…it’s my first one.

I wanted to write an adventure travel book for young girls (ages 12-16). Soon it will be available on any eReader platform.

Thanks for checking in! and hope you enjoy…



Josephine Bianchi is about to be a senior in high school, but first she has to survive the summer.

It seems easy enough—she’s being sent to Sicily to work at her uncle’s bed and breakfast. It’s her father’s idea to banish her to the island of her ancestors, far away from her somewhat reckless group of friends at home.

But in the quiet town of Capodanno Josephine encounters the unexpected—a handsome amateur cyclist named Luke and a mystery that will forever change the way she understands her family. When her curiosity extends too far, and she learns that the Mafia also has an interest in her family’s secret, Josephine’s idyllic summer job takes a dangerous turn.

Things aren’t much better at home where her parents have just received terrible news, and now Josephine will have to navigate unfamiliar territory on both sides of the ocean.

One thing’s for sure: if she does return home, nothing about her life will ever be the same.

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