Three Loves

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and I’m thinking about love in all it’s varied forms, and for some reason also writing poems around a single letter (in today’s case, T).

Here are three poems about love…They’re all different but kind of the same. I guess that’s just how Love is.



The love in friendship crawls
And sidles by,
Sticks around like sand between toes
and grows
Outlasting luck and sometimes love
It makes the turn again
Into something ever more

To a T

Take my love as token, talisman, talent,
Truth told twice to turn tides,
Toddler’s toes, tissues tugged
‘Til tattooed trust,
Turnaround, tumble-down,
Talk about
Titanic theft

Having a Baby

When you have a baby you give birth
To your own trembling heart
And bring it home for a bit,
To hold,
Then watch it go
To playgrounds, parties, pools,
And someday lock itself inside another woman’s house
Where it will make the windows glow and beat

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