The Green

I’m just overwhelmed by the beauty of nature this week.

This photo, for instance, taken in the front yard.


And, in perfect timing, a dear friend gave me a book that’s all about finding God in “ordinary time.” I love what the author, Sarah Arthur, says about her reading habits by the seasons: “I read poetry in springtime, novels in the winter, how-to books in autumn and baking recipes. But come summer, suddenly I’m somehow illiterate: creation itself is one long run-on sentence I can’t find the end of.”


For me, it’s this spring that’s making me a little bit illiterate and also reluctant to get anything done indoors. I’m trying to write. This season should make writing almost inevitable with the wealth of inspiration flooding from the trees, the ground, the sky. But for some reason, it’s harder than that. I just want to sit and admire.

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