Poetry from Real Life

One poem about traffic. And one poem about stuff our kids say.

Traffic in Nashville

From now on there will only be one way
Into the heart of this buzzing city.

Did you hear? It is true.
All other roads have been dismantled,

A new initiative from the mayor’s office.

And now you must fuss and push this way
While the heat and exhaust beat down
And threaten to suffocate every breath of good will.

It would be better to be the one muddy wildebeest
Who might cross the river unmauled by alligators
Than to be needing something from the store at noon.

But still you press forward with the others,
Black, red, and turquoise, too polite to nudge bumpers.

Did you not hear? It is true. There is only one way now.
(And there will be many texts sent up from this very spot)

There is no other road in the city, save this one,
But you came here for a reason, with a dream, and
By God, you will get through to the other side.


You said I looked like a princess,
And it is such an honor
Coming from you,
You who does not yet know what a compliment
Or a jest is.

You said I looked like a princess
When I came out to make coffee
In my tired, baggy PJs.

You also said you wrote a song
That went like this:
“Pants up, pants down,
All around the town.”

And I think there’s real genius there.

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