Our family loves France. Mark and I have visited many times, lots of different areas. We finally took some of the kids there this summer. The littlest ones stayed at home with their grandmothers (and had a blast!) while we went on an adventure with the oldest two.

We were in Paris for a few days and then drove down to the Dordogne Valley, one of our favorite regions. For the last week, we drove to the Pyrenees and stayed in a tiny farm village before crossing the mountains to fly out of Barcelona.

Here are the boys watching sheep at night in the Pyrenees:

Our ride on Le Petit Train d’Artouste:

And just a few of the books we enjoyed on our trip:


Pack them all up and take them with you or read them at home for a little French getaway…

Katie and the Impressionists

And for all the Katie books (so wonderful!):

Paris Up, Up and Away

Joan of Arc


The Grand Mosque of Paris: A Story of How Muslims Rescued Jews During the Holocaust

Charlotte in Paris

A Giraffe Goes to Paris

Gustave Eiffel’s Spectacular Idea: The Eiffel Tower (The Story Behind the Name)

Oh, and there are SO many more we didn’t take on our trip (because we’ve read them 100 times already). Here are just a few:

** Links are affiliate links. To buy local (🙌🏼) you can purchase from Parnassus Books or your nearest bookstore. Thanks!**

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