Our Planet

The planet Earth has been on our minds a lot lately. When you have kids that constantly remind you to reduce, recycle, and reuse, it’s really a wake-up call. Kids are so passionate about the planet, especially when they learn how our environment is suffering at human hands.

Recently, we were so shocked (and thrilled!!) when our son’s pre-K teacher told us that he loved answering the questions she’d posed in a classroom discussion about conservation.

It’s all thanks to this amazing documentary series,  which our dear friends told us about. I started letting the boys watch it as a treat on rainy school days, and I found myself sitting down next to them on the couch, unable to do anything else for 45 minutes but be captivated by the wonder and glory of creation. This show has changed our family’s life. We now have metal straws, and our seven year-old recently compared our baby’s noises to a bird of paradise which cracked me up. All thanks to the amazing perspective on wildlife and our amazing planet that this show has given to our family.

I recently picked up this book, Heroes of the Environment: True Stories of People Who Are Helping to Protect Our Planet, at the library and have been really enjoying it with our boys. It’s nice to have some great biographies to go along with our household conversations about the planet.


** Links are affiliate links. To buy local (🙌🏼) you can purchase from Parnassus Books or your nearest bookstore. Thanks!**

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