I live in Nashville, Tennessee. I love to read and write.

After my father died in 2012, I was going through old family pictures, and I decided to tell a story inspired by my Sicilian family, so I wrote a book for middle grade readers called Snow in Sicily.

My husband and I have four kids, so I’ve started working on children’s picture books. My first one is called Bartleby. Any proceeds from my creative projects go to a non-profit that my husband and I founded in 2011called Remember Me Mission.

Thanks for stopping by!

You can reach me at kate@katecelauro.com

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! Kate,
    We have so much of the same likes, I am a part time writer, poet, picture lover/taker and retired Engineer…I am doing a such on my family’s roots, came across your works and have been inspired to send a note. We have the same birth name. Have a blessed day…..Jo Ann

    • Great to hear from you! Sorry I never check my blog that often. I have a children’s book coming out later this year, although not about Italy. That will come later hopefully! You can follow some of our creative projects at RememberMeMission.org (that’s our non-profit) and on Facebook. Would love to read a story from you sometime. Thanks for checking in!

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