Our family loves France. Mark and I have visited many times, lots of different areas. We finally took some of the kids there this summer. The littlest ones stayed at home with their grandmothers (and had a blast!) while we went on an adventure with the oldest two.

We stayed in Paris a few days and then drove down to the Dordogne Valley, one of our favorite regions. For the last week, we drove to the Pyrenees and stayed in a tiny farm village before crossing the mountains to fly out of Barcelona.

Here are the boys watching sheep at night in the Pyrenees:

Our ride on Le Petit Train d’Artouste:

And just a few of the books we enjoyed on our trip:




Letters to Young (and old) Readers

I have finally picked up this book after wanting to for a long time. My friend, Julie, recommended it to me again this week, over coffee, and now it’s sitting in a place of prominence on my counter. It’s gorgeous. I’m going to savor it in little morsels. The first letter I read was David Whyte’s. He’s a favorite of mine because his book, The Heart Aroused, is what kept my love for poetry alive as an adult. I loved his letter.

A Velocity of Being: Letters to a Young Reader (edited by Maria Popova and Claudia Bedrick)


Vivaldi’s Seasons

Vivaldi spent many years teaching his most famous pieces to an orchestra made up of orphaned and abandoned girls…it’s really an amazing story.


We started off this season listening to “Summer” from The Four Seasons, and I think we’ll continue the tradition for the rest of the year with the remaining seasons. Knowing more about the composers makes classical music so much more fun and interesting for me.

Poetry for All

I’m a huge believer in poetry. Poetry for life, poetry for love, poetry to save the world, and so forth.

And I am definitely a believer that kids should have poetry, too.

Here are just a few of our anthologies from around the house. I really really love for beginner poets is Nesbitt’s One Minute till Bedtime. These poems could be read anytime, not just before bed, and are loved by all ages! Also a big fan of Firefly July, for the poems but also the gorgeous illustrations.


Summer Reading, Part Now

I wrote a post a few years ago about summer reading for physicians.

Slightly different audience (because of where I am in life), but same topic: Summer reading for seven year-olds.

We chose Mary Pope Osborne’s (of Magic Treehouse fame) Tales from the Odyssey, and my son is just loving it.

There are some incredibly gory parts, so i’ve had to censor a bit on the fly, but if you’re comfortable with that I think it’s so worthwhile to introduce these amazing classic stories early!


I have the Lambs’ Tales from Shakespeare lined up next… 

Not Nashville

i wrote this one a few years ago, but just found it, and it is still ringing a little bit true unfortunately…

We Are Nashville

We were at @cremacrema today
And we got a dirty look from a
Stubbly guy
In a plaid shirt

Because my son (he’s three)
Laughed for joy
At the prospect
Of a hot chocolate.

We also got two Cubans (not cigars) and
Enjoyed the heck out of them
While we watched the Titans jumbotron from a distance.
This is Nashville.

Let me be clear:
You can be plaid
And still not be Nashville,

People, c’mon.

Children’s Book

Thanks to Parnassus Books in Nashville, TN for having Christy King and me today to read our children’s book, Bartleby. The book is based on a bedtime story that Mark and I have told our kids, and I love sharing it. Also, proceeds from the book (as well as any of my creative projects) benefit our non-profit, Remember Me Mission, that Mark and I founded in 2011.

New Children’s Book…Coming Soon!

Finally had some free time in March to complete this special book, and I’m excited to announce that it will be available soon. Proceeds will benefit Remember Me Mission

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 1.25.53 PM.png

Bartleby is a special little barnacle you’re sure to love. He’s got a story about being content with who you are and where you land…

The amazing handmade collages were done by my friend (and my kids’ art teacher) Christy M. King. Check out her wonderful work and project ideas.

The book is in publication now and should be available Summer 2016.